Denver Exchange March 2004

Saturday Afternoon at the Mercury Cafe

Portland Exchange March 2004

All Pictures

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Minneapolis October 2004

Preliminaries Jackson Street Lindy Hoppers (Seattle)

Jitterbug Weekend Seattle May 2005

Saturday DJ Night

Seattle Exchange August 2005

Saturday Night Sunday Westlake Mall Sunday Night Monday at Sonny Newman's

Phoenix Exchange November 2005

Thursday Night and Friday Saturday (Solo Charleston Contest)

Portland Exchange March 2006

Saturday (Pioneer Square) and Late Nights

Sacramento Exchange March 2006

Thursday at Turn Verein Friday at Eastern Star Saturday Indoors at the YWCA Saturday at the Masonic Temple

Sacramento Exchange March 2008

Friday at Eastern Star Saturday Indoors at the Stoney Inn and Eastern Star Sunday at Tango by the River In Old Town
Swing, Swing, Swing (In a Ring)
Swing, Swing, Swing (In a Ring)
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Swing My Way is Scott Larson'spictures from Lindy exchanges and other events.

All images are cropped reductions of larger, higher resolution images which are available by request.